Important Rules and Regulations Regarding Pet Transport

If planning for the tour with your lovely pet and you don’t have any previous knowledge regarding the transport related rules and regulations, it is quite an embarrassing moment for you during the journey. This article acts as one of the essential information providers for you in this respect. This will be definitely helpful if you are planning to have a journey with your four legged friend. Kindly try to fetch all types of information regarding the transport to avoid any hurdles in your way.

Different Rules and Regulations regarding transport are as follows:

1. About the Age of the Pets like dog

You must have to inform to the traveling agency about the age of your four legged friend. This is essential because several transport agencies are there in this world which has made rules not to hold the dogs those are less than eight months. This is only meant for the dog’s safety point of view.

2. About Health Certificate and Emergency Care Authorization

This is very necessary to inform the traveling agency about your pets Certificates that is valid in all respect like that of the anti rabies vaccination and so on. It is also important to keep with you a fully filled Emergency Care Authorization form when you are traveling with the multiple buddies.

3. About the food of your Pet

You should try to keep and inform to the traveling agency about the food and the feeding schedule of your pet which is essential for the betterment of your four legged buddy.

4. About the payment of the Traveling agency

Try to give the full or more than half payment to them to rid off further troubles. If necessary try to fulfill the all necessary requirements previously.

5. About the additional charge

Try to ask to the traveling agency about the additional charges which are provided during the transport services. If any, try to fulfill it as soon as possible for the joyful journey.

6. About the Vicious Dog disclosure

This is the rules set up by the agency for safety against the sudden aggressive behavior of the pets. So, try to fill the form for the safety of others.

7. Last but not the least, information about the Scheduling

Try to get the correct scheduling information of the transportation arrival and departure. Please make it sure that the time is correct in all respect to provide all sorts of comfort to your four legged buddy.

Now, I think that information regarding the rules and regulations of the traveling agency will help you. This is for the happy and comfortable journey ahead.

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